About me

I grew up in Snowdonia, North Wales…UK! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a fairly rugged area of mountains (or hills depending on your personal familiarity with bumps in the landscape)! It’s an area where Sir John Hunt brought his 1953 Everest Team to do some training before their successful expedition so it’s no walk in the park…well actually it is, the area was made a National Park in 1951!

I spent much of my youth up in this terrain, often trout fishing in the many lakes. By the time I hit my teens, I was already going night fishing alone up in those mountains. Leaving the house just before dusk and heading up into dark skies. The fishing was good at night and I often spent time just gazing up at summer night skies and wondering about all those stars, how tiny I was and about our place in the universe.

I believe a youth spent like this is pretty much where my connection with nature and the outdoors came from, and in particular, how I became entirely comfortable with just my own company in the wilderness. Something I’ve later in life found myself indulging repeatedly in Western Greenland’s remote wilderness. Having been there many times, this blog-site is a place to offer anyone interested some insights into my personal experience of Western Greenland and what keeps drawing me back time and again. I may cover other stuff too…

Other than that interest in being outdoors, I have a full time day job, I play guitar in a busy band on my local circuit (still waiting for fame and fortune!), and my constant buddy is my little Cocker spaniel.